April 2011

Opening Day 2011

The moment that every ballplayer works toward each winter is opening day. It’s when all the hard work pays off. It’s what makes those cold, dark days seem worth all the trouble. It’s like when that final bell rings at school letting all the kids out for summer break. Get it? Opening day is awesome. Also, for myself and the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, it’s tonight.

I’ve been training with this team now for a few weeks, and I’m very impressed with everything. The caliber of play is some of the best I’ve been around. Every guy on this team brings something very special to the field. Also, all the guys that our manager has put in that clubhouse are exceptional people. In a nutshell, I’m really looking forward to spending my summer with these guys on this team. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be signed back in to affiliated ball. That’s everyone’s goal. However, if this is where I end up playing all season, I’d be totally fine with that.

Thank you guys for all the encouragement and kind words throughout this off season. Thank you also for reading this blog, and for spreading the word about it. You’re the reason that I write it! My goal is to bridge the gap between player and fan, give you all an insight to this game like nowhere else, and hopefully give you a sense that I’m just a normal guy with a really cool opportunity. Follow along with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs all season long here: http://www.somdbluecrabs.com or http://www.atlanticleague.com

Thanks again for reading, and play ball!

Michael Schlact