Happy Easter!

     I wanted to write a quick entry today and wish you all a very happy Easter Sunday! I hope that you enjoy spending time with family and friends. It’s tough to gather Easter traditions as a ballplayer. Each year, we are either in a different city or moving to a different city. Usually our families are at home and we make the best of the situation we are in. Since I’ve been in professional baseball, my wife has always done a great job making sure that holidays during the baseball season aren’t forgotten. It’s a guarantee that at the very least, I’ll have a little Easter basket with some of my favorite candies in it. That’s what it is all about to me. If you don’t have holiday traditions, make them! It’s never too late to begin making memories! 

     I am in the middle of a four day break from shoulder rehabilitation. That’s a time to clear the mind, get away from everything for a little bit, and just rest. The fact that my four day break came during Easter weekend couldn’t have worked out better. My wife and I are at home in Atlanta right now spending the weekend with our closest friends and family! I haven’t been home in April since 2004. My wife hasn’t been home in April since 2006. It is safe to say that we’re really enjoying ourselves.
     On Tuesday, we will fly back to Phoenix so that I can resume my shoulder rehabilitation. I have learned from Texas that I will be conditioned back as a starter, and then once deemed healthy, I’ll slide into the organization wherever there is an opening. The last two and a half years have been spent in AA Frisco, Texas. To be honest, after being out almost a year now, I just want to play. Whether it’s A ball or AAA, whether I’m a starter or a reliever,  I’m excited to play and to continue my progress.  Being healthy and playing the game regardless of the level allows me the opportunity to chase my dream of being a big leaguer!
  I hope you all enjoy your Easter.  Thanks for reading, and God bless!
Michael Schlact


  1. demlips

    Excited to see you play again as well…(actually saw you when you were up at Frisco). We’ll be sure to come cheer you on if you head back this way. You can always come play in “Squirrel Park” with the kids…(we built a Wiffle Ball park in our back yard complete with flag bunting, foul poles, center field flag and green monster fence complete with measurements marked by inches!) Praying for you and Jillian everyday. God will use even this rehab for His glory.
    See you soon,
    Traci and the Siler Family
    Carrollton, TX

  2. nikkiscatch

    Hey ! Sounds like you had a fun Easter! 😉 It was raining in California! Can you believe it? lol My sister & I hid eggs around the house for my niece and nephew to find. We also had a Easter brunch with my parents, sister, bro in law & their kids. 🙂 That night i watched the sunday night baseball opener, great game! –Nikki

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