The Waiting Game

     Well, folks, as you may or may not have heard, I’ve been deemed healthy by the Texas Rangers medical staff. The last year of blood, sweat, tears, and surgery is now “in the books.” The game that I love is now within reach. It’s now become a waiting game. Once I’m healthy, I can’t just….leave. I can’t just be deemed healthy and expect to be put right out into the system. It’s understandable that the Rangers want to see me throw a few times in Arizona. Throwing multiple games will ensure health. The last thing anyone wants is a pitcher who thinks he’s healthy because all he really wants is to leave Arizona. That mindset benefits no one. Allowing myself and the Rangers to know that I’m healthy benefits everyone.

     Throwing in games has been such an amazing feeling. Putting on the uniform, strolling out to that mound, and facing live hitters is one of the greatest feelings a pitcher will ever have. I’m blessed to be out there again, feeling great, and doing what I love to do. I’ve had 3 outings so far in Arizona totaling 6 innings. The next step for me, hopefully, is being activated.
     Have you ever had that dream where something you want so badly is right in front of your face? The only problem is that your hands just can’t move. You can see it, but you just can’t grasp it. That’s the feeling I have right now. I’m healthy. I’m ready to go. Now, I just wait and see what happens. In the mean time, I’ll definitely still be blessed to be pitching anywhere. 
     I have to take this time to thank the Texas Rangers and the staff at Gwinnett Sports Rehab in Duluth, GA. Over the last year, the strength and conditioning staff, along with the medical staff, have whipped me back into shape. They have taken me from a guy with a broken shoulder back to a pitcher again. The guys in that weight room and training room for the Texas Rangers and Gwinnett Sports Rehab have worked tirelessly and patiently to get me back to where I am today. I’ve never been in as good of shape as I am right now. I’ve never felt more confident in the strength of my new shoulder. A lot of the success of overcoming shoulder surgery rests on the individual. But, if you all could see the work that was put in by the medical staff, you’d be amazed. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every person that has assisted me and helped me in my comeback. I owe you guys everything. 
     As I said earlier, the next step for me is unknown, but I feel that it’s coming soon. I’ll keep everyone updated during the coming days and weeks. I appreciate all of your kind words and uplifting messages. Fans and friends like you all are one of the main reasons I play this game. Until next time….
Michael Schlact

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